SC stays by-polls in NA-154; restores Baloch as MNA

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ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court Tuesday suspended the decision of an electoral court to order re-election in the seat, NA-154 National Assembly (Lodhran) in Punjab,

The apex court also restored memberships mounting PML-N MNA Siddique Baloch who won the constituency in 2013 and was declared ineligible over his fake degree on August 26 by a local electoral court in Multan.

A bank of three members SC issued its ruling on the request for Siddique, 12 days before the elections-by.

The surveys were scheduled for October 11 in which rival Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) electoral district and elsewhere were all set to contest the polls.

Senior leader, Jahangir Tareen, who had challenged the electoral victory of Siddique Baloch and the extent to court, PTI expressed concern about the decision.

“Staying-election is only 12 days before deplorable condemn this … We are ready to contest these elections, but it seems that the PML-N is behind the orders of stay and avoiding the polls,” he said, while talking to people media outside the Supreme Court.

“The verdict is clear that PTI rules the hearts of the people of Pakistan,” he said.

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