Kriti Sanon says Sushant Singh Rajput is a nymphomaniac.

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So far you must have seen the love moments of the couple Raabta Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon. From Sushant taking Kriti around Amritsar and making him drink the sugarcane juice to Kriti teaching Sushant how to be a social media professional, his chemistry both on and off the screen is something his fans can not get enough of . But do you know that aside from being an adorable boyfriend on the screen, there is another side of Sushant that has remained so far under the wrappers? Thanks to Kriti Sanon, who has revealed that Sushant is a ‘tharki’. After such an accusation, Sushant decided to present a video in his defense.
In the video, which Sushant has shared in his social media account, the reason Kriti calls Sushant a sexually obsessed person has been revealed. And while we play the video, we would agree with Kriti’s opinion about his co-actor Raabta. Well, before you start misjudging the beta version of the TV series Pavitra Rishta, we must tell you that this is all part of the promotions for the upcoming Sushant and Kriti film, Raabta.

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