Hindi Medium actor Saba Qamar had appeared on Indian TV with Fawad Khan. Do you remember?

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At first, he is baffled by why Hindi Medium producers launched a well-known Pakistani actor Saba Qamar in front of Irrfan Khan, probably one of the most illustrious actors of the Indian film industry. But when you see the working galaxy of Saba in various Pakistani series and movies, you have doubts. Unlike most female Bollywood actors who often play the gallery in Indian films (playing the second track to male heroes), Saba’s repertoire has a more diverse range of work. Saba has made some fascinating and mature characters in serious series from Pakistan like Dastaan, Uraan and Maat.
Mira Saba Qamar and Fawad Khan in Dastaan

His new identity found among the Indian public, courtesy of Hindi Medium is that of a hot and beautiful actor who also knows how to act. But when he sees his performance in Pakistani dramas, he could have thought of his talent again. One of his most popular roles is in Dastaan ​​against Pakistani striker Fawad Khan. Saba acted as Fawad’s maternal aunt on the successful show. Fawad, who played the lead role of Hassan in this drama, had some sneaky scenes with Saba, including some of the most lovable moments as the two stars shared a beautiful relationship as part of the plot. Hindi movies and series may have forgotten to capture the minute details of a close-knit family, but several scenes in Dastaan ​​are woven around it. Dastaan ​​is set in the pre-Partition era and one of the highlights of the show is how Fawad took his khala and exchanged jokes between them. His scenes lead to simpler days, when there was all the time in the world to enjoy long conversations.

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