Pahlaj Nihalani extends olive branch, wishes Udta Punjab film makers success

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The last couple of weeks has not been without much drama for Bollywood movie ‘Udta Punjab’ and its creators. After emerging victorious with a single cut, ‘Udta Punjab’ published on Friday an anxious public.
Although the film premiered, Pahlaj Nihalani, president CBFC, which ordered 13 cuts of the film – the total of which 89 became cuts – congratulated the filmmakers and wished them success.
“You want to congratulate those responsible and movie deal. I hope it will be a great success,” he told the news agency ANI.
Despite cards, comments chief censor board seem jarring considering the ongoing war between the film fraternity and CBFC. The certificate given to the film has ‘approved by the Honorable Supreme Court, Mumbai’ stamped on it, referring to disgust and no involvement of the CBFC.
The controversy did not leave the film as Wednesday, it leaked on the Internet, with over 700 websites hosting it. Interestingly, the copy of the film leaked onto the Internet came with a “for censorship board ‘watermark.
While Nihalani denied that the board could have spill that, the film fraternity came out strongly in support of Anurag Kashyap, who also wrote an emotional message on Facebook asking the audience to wait for pirated copies until after the film has thrown out.

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