Aamir Khan talks about Salman Khan, Dangal and Sultan


There is much talk about the adequacy regime Aamir Khan for his two eyes in the upcoming film Dangal. The actor plays the role of wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat in the biopic, and had to first gain weight and then lose it all to portray the different stages of the life of Phogat.
During an interaction with the media on the sets of Dangal in Ludhiana, Aamir spoke about the body’s levels and fitness of his fellow actor Salman Khan, with whom he is often compared. “I’ve always been a fan of Salman as an actor, and his body well. He has had a lean, muscular body and cut up from the beginning of his career. Therefore, I have always been a fan of his body, and his fitness. I do not think my body is as good as him. to me, he is the ideal, and I try to approach him, “said PK actor.
When asked about Sultan, another wrestling movie which is due to release this Eid, Aamir said he was waiting anxiously to see it, and the two films are very different. He went on to make comparisons between the two films, as well as differences. On the one hand, we know that we are seeing a Langot Salman Sultan will be the audience will enjoy a similar user picture Aamir?

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