Transgender activist shot eight times, dies


PESHAWAR: A trans activist, who was shot several times in Peshawar earlier this week, succumbed to his injuries Wednesday morning.

Alesha was the district coordinator in Peshawar KPK TransAction Alliance, an initiative of Blue Veins working to safeguard the rights of the transgender community. The activist had received eight gunshot wounds and was shot at point blank range near Asia Plaza,

After the attack, Alesha was rushed to Lady Reading Hospital. However, the hospital authorities could not decide where to place it, delaying urgent medical attention he needed.

The issue was the subject of the notification Khyber Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser Pakhtunkha, Alesha visited in hospital on Monday and addressed to the hospital authorities to place in a private room. However, Alesha condition continued to deteriorate, eventually killing her.

Qamar Naseem, program coordinator at Blue Veins, said LRH authorities are to blame for the death of Alesha, because “it did not provide her with urgent or necessary facilities because she was transsexual.” According to Naseem, she was not admitted to the ICU, even though his condition was critical.

An FIR of the incident was recorded in the police station Faqirabad. Police have arrested the relatives of the accused in the FIR. However, the current defendants remain at large. Other investigations are ongoing.

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