US ties with Pakistan complicated but vital: state department

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WASHINGTON: The relationship between the US and Pakistan is important and vital, even if they are ‘complicated’, the State Department spokesman sometimes said.

“It’s an important relationship, it is vital that we firmly believe in. Is it difficult sometimes? Absolutely, it is,” said the spokesman of US State Department, John Kirby said when asked to comment on the recent statement by Sartaj Aziz about the relationship between the two countries has been under stress for the past three months.

“See you in the eyes of all issues with Pakistan? No, we do not. But why the relationship so important because we shared threats and shared concerns, interest in the shared region, and we will continue working on it “Kirby told a daily news briefing in Washington.

“I was not going to share that characterization of the same,” the spokesman said when a reporter asked if he would recognize that this was not “the best of relationships at this time.”

“It’s an important relationship we continue to work very, very seriously, and we will remain committed to,” he said.

Kirby said Pakistan had reopened the Torkham border with Afghanistan after weeks of tensions and advised the two countries to keep it open.

“We want to see it stay open … and we want to see both sides to work through these differences,” he said.

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