Baloch vacates CM office as Murree agreement takes effect

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ISLAMABAD: Abdul Malik Baloch, Balochistan Chief Minister, Saturday resigned to vacate the office of leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Sanaullah Zehri under agreement Murree.

“We decided to implement the agreement and to Murree case we are leaving the ministry head,” said the National Party (NP) chief Mir Hasil Bizenjo at a press conference.

Murree agreement is a power-sharing formula that reached between the PML-N and NP where Baloch and Zehri had to share equally the boss’s office ministry during the five-year term.

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Bizenjo thanked PML-N to invite his party to the coalition government in the province.

On occasion, Baloch said he would play his role as a political worker to organize the people of Baluchistan.

As prime minister, Baloch said, he did everything he could do to improve the province.

He said the NP will continue to support the government with Sanaullah Zehri in the main office minister.

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